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July 2016

Edifying Articles

Samuel did not yet know the Lord

Teachings by pastor Theodore A. at the 2016 International Youth Bible Camp at the Christian Missionary Fellowship International Headquarters, Koume, Cameroon ... read more..

Edifying Articles

Spiritual Vitals

Teachings by pastor Theodore Andoseh at the July 2016 session of the World University of Prayer and Fasting (WUPF) in Koumé/Cameroun ... read more..

Edifying Articles

Paul in Dignified Manual Labour (ZT Fomum)

The Apostle Paul was not only a preacher and teacher of the good news. He was a man very much involved in dignified manual labour. He said, “We work hard with our hands.” (1 Corinthians 4:12). He aga... read more..

Edifying Articles

Spiritual Genetics (ZT Fomum)

“There was a certain man from Ramathaim, a Zuphite from the hill country of Ephraim, whose name was Elkanah son of Jeroham, the son of Elihu, the son of Tohu, the son of zuph, an Ephraimite” (1Samuel ... read more..

Edifying Articles

Your Sins Will Find You Out (ZT Fomum)

Gehazi had lost God. He did not seek restoration to God. His singleness of heart towards God was gone. The love of the things of the world had come into his heart; the love of money had eaten deep int... read more..

Edifying Articles

Loss of Communion With God? (ZT Fomum)

It would seem as if Gehazi did not maintain his place in the heart of God. He did not maintain communion with God. His service for Elisha demanded that his heart be right towards God. Something went w... read more..

Miracle, Signs & Wonders

God Came Down in Abidjan, Ivory Coast!

The Lord Jesus Christ is alive today. He is on the throne. He is performing miracles today as He did of old. When He was on earth, He Himself performed miracles of healing and deliverance. He has cont... read more..

Miracle, Signs & Wonders

God Came Down in Kamonyi, Rwanda!

During the recent Missionary journey to Rwanda, ministry was rendered to about 7500 people in Kamonyi Rwanda. About 2500 people prayed to receive the Lord Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. There were m... read more..


Mama Rachel's Testimony

  My name is Rachel LALANDE. I was born in 1942 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, former Zaire, some sixty-six years ago. I left DRC and came to Gabon in February 1974 at the age of 42 years. A... read more..


Testimony of the Healing of Kouely Rodrigue

My name is KOUELY NZIENGUI Rodrigue. I was born in Moabi in Nyanga, on 16/04/1974. I am exactly 34 years old. I am the eldest in a family of 13 children. On 29th November 2007, while we were return... read more..


Testimony of Papa Nzoghe Bibang Robert

My name is NZOGHE BIBANG ROBERT. I was born in 1931 in Kango in the Estuary in Gabon. I am a retired driver of heavy engine vehicles. In 1975, I fell seriously sick on the hips. I was evacuated to ... read more..


Testimony of the healing of Ayih Pierre

 My name is AYIH Pierre. I was born on 21st July 1938 at Aneho in Togo. I arrived in Gabon in 1962at the age of 24. I am 70 years old today. One Sunday, precisely on 6th October 2004, I was he read more..

Edifying Articles

A Spiritual Succession Through The Ministry of a Servant (ZT Fomum)

Elijah had an established reputation as a prophet of the Lord. He was known to be God’s mouthpiece. Elijah had gone and the prophetic mantle had fallen on his servant Elisha. These kings needed prophe... read more..

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