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October 2016

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What Pattern? (T.W. Andoseh)

In the principles of serving God, when the Lord wants to choose a worker, the person must be patterned like Jesus. The Lord Jesus had a double identity. He was son of man, and he was Son of God. SO... read more..

Edifying Articles

Spiritual Age, Experience And Responsibility (ZT Fomum)

Look at it this way. My prayer crusades ought to be attended by Generals and Colonels, and with some indulgence, by Majors. My prayer crusades are the place where we take the decisions, and plan to ta... read more..

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Inner Wealth (ZT Fomum)

The advantage I had was that I was already a mature believer before I started to serve the Lord. When I was a young believer I was caught up with God, I was not caught up with serving God. I was no... read more..

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Glory Units (Br. Theodore A.)

If I have had many blessings in life, one of the blessing is the power to love one thing. Don't accept yourself as a failure. Determine to bear fruits. It is glory that unites. Jesus says: I have give... read more..

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The Qualifications of Pioneers (ZT Fomum)

Pioneers get things to happen Pioneers do not wait for people to act, they act Pioneers initiate action Pioneers are pushed by a power beyond themselves to get things going Pioneers are of read more..

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Reactions to Accusations (Zacharias T. Fomum)

Those who have entered into the rest of God can stand any accusations being levied on them. They have died to the opinion of men. They are content with what God knows them to be. One such example was ... read more..

Edifying Articles

How to Grow in Your New Life (A Video Documentary)

A video documentary of the tract: How to grow in your new life (by ZT Fomum) ... read more..

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