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A Word of Testimony (ZT Fomum)

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I saw him preaching the gospel somewhere. But some years ago, I had an unusual dream in which he said six things to me. The first one was this, "Remember, that when I went to serve the Lord, I never looked back." The second, "There is nothing of value in the world. All is passing” As he was talking, there was a gentle blue flame leaking all around, leaving nothing. The third thing he said, "Your place is not in the village where I was born, just as my place was not there. Even thehouse I built there was on the constraints of your mother and even it is gone.”

Some years afterwards, they came and burnt the whole compound, burnt my brother’s house, burnt fifty-five suits inside and all the rest, burnt six million in cash there. But I had seen it in this dream. That was his testimony, and everybody knew that it was true, that when he went to serve the Lord, he never looked back. His consecration was complete; total, within the limits of what he saw, understood and knew.

I want my children to see in my life that I never looked back. That when I went to serve the Lord; I never looked back. And that I did not hold anything back. That I put in everything. That I sacrificed all. That is what I want to leave behind as my testimony. If the Lord tarries, a testimony will be made of your life at the end of it. Will it be because of what you ate, how you dressed, what you possessed or because of what you did not possess, because of the perishing souls of men? Or what you did not eat because of the perishing souls of men? Or what you gave away because of the perishing souls of men? Begin to prepare your testimony.


Father, I beg you, arrest these, all of them and make them prisoners of the cross, so that they may be ministers of the New Covenant. To be the representatives of the cross bearing Christ in the mission fields of this nation, this continent and of the continents. I pray that none will hold back. I pray that none will negotiate the price. I pray that none will withdraw. I pray none will choose the broad way. I pray that none will lay his hand on the plough and turn back and be unfit for service in the kingdom. Lord, we commit the word we have sown in Your hands. We have sown it in much human weakness. We pray that You will use it in the glorious power of the Holy Spirit. So that it will resurrect in the lives of our brothers and sisters. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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  1. Loveline Aju

Amen to this prayer!!
TMay I be the representatives of the cross-bearing Christ in the mission fields of my nation!

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